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Comas International Collections offer "one-stop shop" service

Comas have been in the international collections business for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, prompt and cost-effective service and it is our mission to preserve your (and our) company's good name.

As well as promising new markets in which to do business, overseas customers often equal overseas debts due to your company. The international element can pose additional difficulties in terms of recovering those debts; you only have to think of language and cultural differences, time-zones, not to mention the geographical distances and logistics involved. Overseas debtors may in some cases be complacent: "why bother paying when the creditor will have major problems collecting? After all, if I don't respond, he will simply give up."

Comas, through a comprehensive network of partner firms throughout the world can process all international collections cases. All we need to activate your case is written documentation proving the existence of the debt, the mandate in our favour completed and signed and payment of the case activation fee of €49.

We strive to achieve settlement of the debt at the earliest possible stage - our greatest efforts are employed in the pre-litigation phase where the debtor is contacted regularly and courteously in attempts to resolve matters amicably. The case activation fee of €49 includes all activities in the pre-litigation phase up to and including the issue of a Final Demand letter from our lawyer advising of the escalation to litigation if payment is not made. It is our experience that this finishing touch to the pre-litigation phase is a powerful tool in convincing even the most reluctant debtor to pay up. Where payment is not achieved in the pre-litigation phase, Comas will assist you in evaluating whether Court Action is actually worthwhile. Our Credit Recovery Report provides the information necessary to evaulate the debtor's economic/patrimonial situation and abandon debt recovery or proceed with Court Action as appropriate. Result: less time wasted chasing debts which are not recoverable and appropriate judicial action where the debtor can pay. Remember: where no recovery is made, the only payment you will incur is the case activation fee.

International collections involve two distinct types of activity:

Rapid initiation of one or more international collections cases:
It is simple and fast to instruct us regarding one or more international collections case(s). Within hours from the effective receipt of requested documentation, Comas will be able to initiate international collections procedures Worldwide. For Comas' international collections services, please see:


Why choose Comas international collections?

  • 30 year international collections experience
  • High level of professionalism of our in-house international collections team
  • Safeguards the image and good reputation of our clients
  • Swift conclusion to debt collection cases entrusted to us
  • The possibility of writing-off bad debts, on the issuing of appropriate documentation
  • Savings on legal expenses, if you proceed to legal action for the recovery of debt
  • You can monitor the progress of your cases (through our on-line case tracking for subscribed clients)

Pre-collection Services
How can you protect your business from the damage caused by slow or non-payers? Comas offers a full spectrum of Credit Protection Services enabling you to check-out all your new (and possibly existing) customers and obtain advance warning of any impending payment problems. With the global downturn causing many (previously solid) companies major difficulties, you should not be complacent about your customers; the fact that they were good payers last year is no guarantee that they will be so this year. is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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