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Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

Debt collection has been, until relatively recently, a much-maligned and misunderstood business. Whilst it is true, that the industry was tarnished to some extent in the past by unscrupulous operators that is, generally speaking, no longer the case. Debt Collection Services are an essential and integral part of the credit control system of any successful business.

Debt collection has taken on a more modern approach, and has in many ways, become an extension of review and credit management - it is very much one component in a wider picture - with increasing emphasis on early intervention techniques. For the reluctant-to-pay debtor, early intervention strategies are key to successful collection. Debt risk management is now all about pro-active systems and procedures including a structured series of telephone contacts, e-mails, personal visits and online payments.

Comas is a debt collection services provider and has been in the business for over 30 years. We cover all stages of the Debt Collection Services process, both extra-judicially and once proceedings have been raised, through our dedicated team of expert debt collection Lawyers. We employ a great deal of energy trying to settle outstanding debts in the pre-litigation phase. Why? Well, because the earlier the problem is tackled, the sooner we can resolve it in most cases. If you leave things "in limbo", the debtor gets absolutely the wrong message about recovery and he certainly will not give priority to paying your invoice. Secondly, if a debtor is pinned down and pays before setting foot over the threshhold of the Courthouse, costs and time delays are reduced for all concerned. Thirdly, in a significant proportion of cases, our careful and measured approach with the debtor can actually preserve the business relationship between debtor and creditor - this aspect assumes real importance at a time when a great many valid companies are experiencing serious economic problems. Lastly, Comas gets paid in this phase, and therefore (unlike many lawyers) we are motivated to seek pre-court settlement which is, incidentally, good news for your business.

In addition to quick and efficient handling of your debt collection cases, you can track on-line case progress.

Debt collection involves two distinct types of activity:

Rapid initiation of one or more debt collection services cases:
It is simple and fast to instruct us regarding one or more credit collection case(s).
Within hours from the effective receipt of requested documentation, Comas will be able to initiate credit collection procedures worldwide.

Why choose Comas' Debt Collection Services?   

  • Comas have been providing Debt Collection Services for over 30 years
  • High level of professionalism of our in-house Debt Collection Services team
  • Safeguards the image and good reputation of our clients
  • Swift conclusion to debt collection cases entrusted to us
  • The possibility of writing-off bad debts, on the issuing of appropriate documentation
  • Savings on legal expenses, if you proceed to legal action for the collection of credit
  • You can monitor the progress of your cases (through our on-line case tracking for subscribed clients)


Pre-collection services

In addition to an experienced and well-equipped credit-collection team, Comas also provides an invaluable pre-collection Report. This gives you important information on whether you have good chances of recovery of the sum or sums outstanding or, whether you should consider abandoning recovery attempts, thus saving on expenditure of time and money. is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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