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Why is Business Information useful?

Business information: adding value to your business

Business Information is a support tool for credit decision-makers – especially business credit.
In the modern business world, commercial information, including reports relating to commercial reliability and, in genera, all the instruments which make it possible to carry out credit management, have been come indispensable in order to grow your business whilst minimising risk, both in Italy and worldwide.

Through the website Comas brings you useful information relating to credit management and evaluation tools to enable you to judge the reputation and credibility of companies with which you do business through aggregated reports, information from Italian public sources, evaluation indices and cutting-ege information services on the economic and financial profile of any physical or legal Italian personality - and millions of companies worldwide.

In what way can Business Information be useful?

To evaluate the commercial reliability of a company
To enable our clients to have access to a reliable tool for an initial examination of the financial state of a company, Comas has developed a ratings system, which integrates information deriving from public sources (Chambers of Commerce, Courts and Land Regsiters) and, thanks to the use of complex algorithms, expresses a judgement on the creditworthiness and financial solidity of any Italian company.

The Comas rating is therefore an index which makes it possible to evaluate swiftly the financial reliability of a company by way of an analysis of the company variables (legal form, seniority, economic sector etc) and the details of the company executives, of data extracted from the balance sheet (turnover, debts, financial ratios etc) and sector information.

To find out about the company structure in Italian and global companies
In order to compete successfully in any market, it is fundamental to have in-depth and regularly updated information relating to commercial politics, company restructuring and on the financial condition of clients, partners and competitors. With this in mind, the information on changes and substitutions in company management, in the shareholders and in the company composition represent a valuable tool to facilitate decision-making.

To obtain financial and patrimonial information on Italian and global companies
In addition to Chambers of Commerce extract, official balances, research in the Register of Protests, Comas produces aggregated reports for a complete examination of the economic, company and financial situation of companies and physical persons which allow our clients to retrieve all the information of interest to them without having to carry out multiple searches in different databanks, thus saving valuable time and money.

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