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Italian families are going to be hard hit

From January 2010, Consumers to be hit hard: Extra expenses of 596 euro per family
To the tax increases of 120 euro envisaged in the budget are to be added increases for gas, insurance and refuse disposal taxes

MILAN – According to the Italian Consumer Associations Adusbef and Federconsumatori in 2010 Italian families are going to be hard hit. In the new year, Italian households face on average increases of 600 Euro, due to price increases, taxes and new expenditure. The consumer associations identify the Budget as a source of increased costs for families; they say that the assertions of Berlusconi and Tremonti - that the newly-approved Budget has not increased taxes - are simply not true. Indeed, they maintain that the Budget contains measures which will cost families on average 120 extra each year, without taking into consideration increases in gas, fuel, mortgages and train tickets. And if the New Year’s dinner prices set the tone for the rest of the year (4%) then there is no reason to be optimistic. Among the additional costs cited by the consumer associations, there is an advance payment of 3 euro per passenger on every single airline ticket in favour of the airport managers, together with the contribution of 103.30 euro to be paid by sacked workers taking their case to the Court of Appeal and of the 38 euro payable by citizens challenging
speeding tickets.

INCREASES – In addition to these costs, there fall to be added all the other increases: around 30 euro for gas, 130 for car insurance, 18 euro for water services, 35 euro for refuse disposal, 30 euro for banking services, 80 euro for mortgages caused by the instalments payments by the banks, 65 euro for increases in train tickets and 90 euro annually for petrol and diesel costs. According to the estimates of the two consumer associations, therefore, from January 2010 the burden of the new increases will be to the tune of 596 euro.

NEW YEAR’S DINNER – And the 2010 blow begins right on New Year’s Eve. According to Adoc, celebrating in a restaurant or club will cost on average more than 4% than last year. And so the increases (+2%) in costs continue for those wishing to save, prefer to remain at home or go to an agriturismo. Celebrating in contact with nature, according to the consumers’ association, will cost on average 130 euro (+2.3% in comparison with last year), whilst organising a dinner at home, for eight people, will not cost on average more than 158 euro.

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