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“Italian Company Credit Report”

The necessity of obtaining reliable, complete Italian Company Credit and Company information, can be readily answered by posing the question: What will happen if I don’t have this information to hand when doing business in the Italian market? The current volatile economic situation globally dictates that businesses cannot simply bury their collective heads in the sand and hope that new and existing customers are good and will remain so in the future.
There are four scenarios where this information should be considered indispensable:

Pre-business credit checks
Essentially, all new, prospective Italian business customers should be checked in advance of extending credit or making deliveries of goods to them. It is evident that such clients are an unknown quantity and, as such, it makes sense to check out their creditworthiness (if they have a good payment record or any adverse entries registered against them).

Credit Checks on existing customers
Many company bosses do not even consider running regular checks on their regular or existing clients. This complacency can prove fatal, and the current economic crisis has amply demonstrated that many formerly thriving companies can and have gone to the wall. New and existing customers can be checked out online discreetly at a very reasonable cost. You can even order up online information from your pc when they are sitting opposite you!

Check out the competition
You can obtain useful information on your competitors by running checks on their companies. If you ‘know’ the competition, it is simple to position your own business more effectively.

Foreign companies doing business in Italy
Foreign companies doing business in Italy are potentially more vulnerable to slow or non-payment (or outright fraud) than their indigenous counterparts. No foreign company should consider transacting in Italy or elsewhere without first running detailed checks on their proposed business partners or customers.

Comas Company Reports are easy to read, and are designed to give you an at-a-glance analysis of the economic and financial situation of any registered Italian company, highlighting the payments situation and any adverse entries. Comas Company Reports contain balance sheet items and ratios, risk assessment, bankruptcy risk and expresses the maximum recommended credit limit. The Reports are delivered online in realtime at competitive prices.

Comas srl, is an Italian, ISO-9001:2015 certified company operational in the commercial information business since 1976. Comas is the preferred company information provider of Italian and International Banks, insurers, the utilities and private enterprise. Comas also provides quality Italian Debt Recovery and Italian Marketing Lists. is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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