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Outsourcing your debts for collection

From its beginnings over 30 years ago, Comas (ISO-certified) has evolved into a leading company in the field of Debt Collection, both in Europe and worldwide. Comas has a wide client base and undertakes debt collection for leading European banks, gas, water and electrical utilities, insurers and private companies.

Our clients have at their disposal a comprehensive portfolio of credit protection services. Our Debt Collecting service covers the whole process from case activation through to the conclusion (where appropriate) of Court Action. The Debt Collecting package offers clients a cost-effective, efficient and seamless approach to outstanding accounts, with our lawyers offering a continuity of service in cases where the debt is not settled in the pre-court stage. Comas strives, however, to ensure that - where possible - debts are settled as early as possible and in the pre-court phase. Comas keeps costs down for businesses: activating a debt collecting file can cost as little as 49 (this fee includes all debt collecting activities up to the first Lawyer's letter advising of escalation to Court Action - often this final touch in the pre-litigation phase is sufficient to nudge the debtor into paying up).

The internal structure of Comas comprises a dedicated and appropriately qualified team who, together with the latest bespoke technology, assure our clients of excellent service and value for money.

Comas allows clients to monitor case progress: clients who purchase a pre-paid subscription may access directly all their debt collection cases online. In order to avoid today's customer becoming tomorrow's debtor, many of our clients use our informative reports to evaluate the commercial reliability of current and potential customers (these reports can also be continuously monitored).

As well as offering a wide range of services, Comas allows you ease of access to all the information necessary to make snap decisions on lending/trading/offering credit to customers - even when your customer is sitting right opposite you: is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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