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Global Credit Management: putting you in the picture

“Prevention is better than cure” – this old adage is being revisited in the current situation of global economic meltdown and is the principle which underpins good Credit Management.

Rather than wasting time and money chasing after non-payers and assuming all new customers are good until they default, many businesses have come to the conclusion that they can massively reduce wasted resources and time by selecting their customers BEFORE doing business with them and this is what a carefully thought-out Credit Management policy seeks to do.

Investing in quality Credit Reports and Business Information will often give you all the information you need to extend company credit to trading partners or, if appropriate, to refuse to do business with them if they are revealed to present a commercial risk.

When you are scratching your head wondering how to obtain payment from bad customers, wouldn’t you have been grateful to have seen their Company Credit Report BEFORE you delivered your goods or services? Every now and then, its true, a “good” customer will default on payment – but let this be the exception rather than the rule.

If you do arrive at the situation of non-payment, many business who require to collection from debtors in Italy or worldwide are finding that Pre-Judicial Debt Collection has many benefits to collection through the courts (costs are significantly less, 50-60% recovery rates, speed – usually all tied up in 40 days). If you do have to consider Debt Collection through the Courts, you can again take preventitive action by checking out the Debtor’s ability to pay with a Credit Recovery Report – after all, why waste time and money if the debtor can’t pay in the end of the day?

Comas is an Italian, ISO-9001:2015 registered company active in the Credit Management business since 1976.

If your company has a high volume of business, a pre-paid subscription could be the answer to your Credit Management requirements, by offering discounted rates on all "off the peg" services. further information


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