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Business Debt Collection Agency, European market leader

Comas is a leading European Business Debt Collection Agency, ISO-certified. We offer cutting-edge solutions to problems concerning the risk of insolvency and business debt collection worldwide.

If you have problems of late or non-payment for business goods or services, it makes sense to step in earlier rather than later. Leaving an account unpaid beyond 3 months significantly diminishes the probability of the account being paid. If you have tried systematically issuing in-house reminders to your customers with no result, you should seriously consider placing the matter in the hands of a reputable business debt collection agency.

COMAS has over thirty years experience in the Credit Protection field and offers seamless and comprehensive services from prevention in the form of credit scoring/rating and informative business and personal reports (with or without monitoring), through to business debt collection both in the pre-court phase and once litigation begins.

For information on business debt collection, please see:

Rapid initiation of one or more debt collection cases:
It is simple and fast to instruct us regarding one or more debt collection case(s).
Within hours from the effective receipt of requested documentation, Comas will be able to initiate debt collection procedures worldwide.


Why choose a business debt collection agency like comas

  • 30 year debt collection experience
  • High level of professionalism of our in-house debt collection team
  • Safeguards the image and good reputation of our clients
  • Swift conclusion to debt collection cases entrusted to us
  • The possibility of writing-off bad debts, on the issuing of appropriate documentation
  • Savings on legal expenses, if you proceed to legal action for the recovery of debt
  • You can monitor the progress of your cases (through our on-line case tracking for subscribed clients)

Other services
At a time when the global credit crunch is hitting businesses hard, make sure that your business cashflow is maintained. If your customer is not paying you, it is likely that he is paying someone else. Comas can help you efficiently and courteously keep you customers up to date with payments and keep your business healthy. Please see: is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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