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The importance of Business Information to your company

In today's fast-moving business environment, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. You are required to make important, often costly, decisions about granting credit, initiating business dealings and making deliveries all in a very short space of time. That is why a reliable source of up-to-date Business Information is fundamental for doing business with confidence whilst eliminating potentially damaging financial risks.

Where are the main areas in which you could use business information services in your company?

Pre-business Credit information
this type of business information is of crucial importance, allowing you to build a quality client portfolio, and leaving out of consideration those clients who are only going to bring you trouble. The criteria that you should look for in such information is a Credit Limit. This obviously gives you a clear indication of how much you can safely risk with such a client. Secondly, a risk synthesis is useful; this gives you an "at a glance" feel for the company and is based on a bankruptcy index, sector risk index and the presence of any adverse entries. Some financial data should be present too in the case of a PLC/corporation giving you the main balance sheet items and ratios. Finally, other necessary information would be who the company executives are, economic activity and number of employees, together with real estate held by the company and any adverse entries. All these factors should be present in a pre-business credit report on a company, giving you the knowledge to proceed with or avoid business dealings. An analytical company report would include in addition to the foregoing details on any interests held by the company executives in other companies.

In-depth Business Information Report
Where you require exhaustive information together with an analyst's comment, a Business Information Report is appropriate, integrating the information provided in the Standard Company Report with detailed information on company shareholders, trade structure, news on the company members and directors, historical information on the company from the registrars and, where available, relations with banks.

Credit Recovery Information
If, unfortunately, your customer turns out to be a slow or non-payer, then you have to decide how best to get paid and how quickly you can achieve this. You have already lost money with this subject, and you don't want to throw good money after bad. You need in this case a Report giving you the full picture regarding this customer; whether it is economically worthwhile to pursue him through the courts or whether you would be better cutting your losses.

Credit Information on Italian Company
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If you need even faster, concise information, our Company Reports and Personal Reports are available online at competitive prices - they give you a snapshot of the Company or Individual's solvency status. online Credit Reports

Business information on Italian company
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