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Finding Business Partners in Italy - riskfree

Trading across borders is an essential part of any business expansion and, in the age of globalisation, is unavoidable if you want to grow your business. But when you are trading with Italian business partners, how much risk can you afford to take, and is there any way of reducing this risk? Many companies are realising that "prevention is better than cure"; in other words, it is better to avoid dealing with potentially risky customers, rather than have to enter into (often costly and fruitless) debt collection procedures when your customer doesn't pay. You can take steps to "know" you customers and the context in which they operate. This means getting the lowdown on cultural, legal and linguistic differences where possible. You should also take steps to find out about your trading partners, corporate or individual as they may be, and their solvency status before you consider granting company credit or delivering goods or services.

Comas, an ISO-certified company is a leading provider of Business Information in Italy, has been helping companies for over a quarter of a century to decide which companies to trade with and those which they would do better to avoid. Comas provides online pre-business solvency information, giving you that vital "snapshot" of the financial health of your prospective customer or business partner.

For exhaustive, detailed information on a company, our Business Information Reports are available in just 48 hours. If you need even more rapid, at-a-glance information on Italian Company or Individual solvency, then get our online credit reports from just €19.50.

If you are looking to expand your existing Italian client base, then our Lists of Italian Companies will provide you with carefully selected companies, relevant to your marketing campaign (all targeted according to the research parameters that you have specified). All that is required is that you select the online estimate and insert your preferred research parameters. In just seconds, you can view the number of extractable companies and the cost. Then, just confirm the order and within 2 hours an excel file will be e-mailed to you containing all the necessary information.

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