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Up to date, online Business Credit Report by Comas

An up to date, accurate Business Credit Report supplies you with vital information necessary to making informed financial business decisions - you decide WHO you do business with and at WHAT PRICE. When doing business with Italian Companies, the Comas Business Credit Report offers unrivalled accuracy and local knowledge at competitive prices.

The Comas Business Credit Report is available online in seconds and comprises an aggregate of information extracted in real time from official Italian sources. Importantly, this search is extended to company executives and members. This information is then synthetised using a statistical analysis model which uses sophisticated scoring algorithms which generate a risk evaluation regarding the company under scrutiny and, following from this, expresses the maximum recommended credit limit.

The specific features of the Business Credit Report are:

Credit Limit: it highlights the recommended maximum credit limit defined according to the economic potential of the company to under scrutiny
Synthesis of risk: indicators which evaluate "at a glance" the "riskiness" of the company (Bankruptcy Index, Sector Risk Indicator, presence of Protested bills and Prejudicial events)
Financial data (only for companies limited by shares): main balance sheet items and ratios compared with the average of the product reference sector
Company identification: taken from the Italian Chambers of Commerce (company name, company type, company address and possible branches, fiscal code, date of foundation, registration to the Chambers of Commerce, business status, etc)
Executives: names of the company people in charge (managers, members, etc) completed with their personal data and positions held in the company
Economic activity: description of the company object and activities undertaken
Employees: number of individuals employed by the company
Press Cuttings: any financial news items found relating to the company under investigation (obtained from daily consultations of about 150 national newspapers)
Real estate properties: official controls are carried out nationwide by competent offices in order to identify real estate registered under the name of the investigated company and of its main company members and directors jointly and severally
Protested bills and prejudicial events: search for protested bills, insolvencies and prejudicial events (by Italian Court and in Real Estate Registers), regarding both the company under investigation, its members and directors, shareholding members and companies in which they hold leading positions
Additional information: it specifies how often, in the last 3/6/12 months, the company has been searched against in our data banks


In addition to our ONLINE Business Credit Report, Comas offers the Individual Credit Report on Italian individuals - also ONLINE.

For in-depth information plus investigative input the Comas Business Information Report provides the fullest possible details on an Italian company gathered from Registry sources plus investigative details supplied by our Investigative Division. The expert Analyst's comment ensures easy reading of the Report conclusions, saving you time and money.

For regular users of Comas services, the Pre-paid subscription offers a valid way of saving and obtaining enhanced online use. The subscriptions can be utilized to request all our "off-the-peg" services - complete Personal and Company Reports, economic/patrimonial Information on Businesses in Italy and worldwide, Check on Protested Bills/Payment Default, synthetized Balance Sheets, Debtor Tracing, and Monitoring. The Subscription also covers the undertaking of Debt Recovery cases. is managed by Comas S.r.l. - Via Martiri di Civitella, 11 - 52100 - Arezzo - Tel. + 39 0575 26125 - Fax + 39 0575 26436
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