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Doing business globally has now become the norm. Globalisation in an economic context has seen a reduction and removal of barriers between nations facilitating the flow of goods, capital, services and labour. This can create benefits, undoubtedly. However, the downside can involve non-delivery of goods paid for, non-payment of goods delivered and insolvency of trading partners. How can you allow your business to grow, without taking undue risks?

Used prior to granting company credit - either in Italy or worldwide - the Comas Business Information Report offers a complete investigative report on the Company under scrutiny. In addition to up-to-date and accurate information from official sources and registers, this information is enriched by the addition of vital unofficial information obtained through investigative activities carried out by our in-house staff. To complete the picture, an analyst's comment helps you draw the right conclusions from the report.

Business Information on Italian & Foreign Companies is available in just 48 hours with our blitz service, ensuring that you have top-quality information to hand rapidly.

Business information on Italian company
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€ 94,00

for further info and content of report Business Information on Italian Companies

Business report on foreign company
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€ 119,00

for further info and content of report Business Information on Companies Worldwide

Credit Report on Italian Company
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€ 39,50

If you need even faster, concise information, our Company Reports and Personal Reports are available online at competitive prices - they give you a snapshot of the Company or Individual's solvency status. online Credit Reports

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If you have the ongoing requirement to receive rapid, accurate commercial information, why not consider one of our Pre-paid Subscriptions? This ensures an even more comprehensive service, with significant savings on our regular prices. Here are just some of the benefits attached to opening a Pre-paid Subscriptions:

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